Paul Glasser -- Technical Writing



I have managed to become a generalist with a broad range of engineering knowledge and experience, while developing what might pass for expertise to some in a few narrow areas. I have a solid understanding of the basic fundamentals of math and physics, which provides a springboard for rapidly researching and learning new technical topics.  Those interested in hiring me to write technical white papers or tutorials might be interested in the following slices of my life...

I began designing with microprocessors in 1977 and have designed embedded control systems for everything from a lighted dance floor to a digital gasoline dispenser.   After going back to school and earning my M.S.E.E. from UT Austin in 1982, I went to work for Tektronix, Inc. as a design engineer.   During this time I designed control systems for various applications that included a pen plotter, a variable spot-size display, and a sub-micron X-Y motion controller.

I resigned in 1987 to pursue independent engineering projects and homeschool my children.   In 1999 I decided to exploit my appetite for learning new topics by combining it with a love of sharing and explaining technology to others. In that capacity I joined my wife as the technical half of Glasser Communications.

I allocate several hours a week to staying abreast of current technology, and when time allows I continue to work on several fun projects. Currently in the works is a web site presenting the facts relating to popular myths surrounding the utilization of water and hydrogen as fuels.   I am also putting the finishing touches on a house I designed and built that utilizes geothermal and solar sources for heating and a unique method to cool the house in the summer by piping cold well water through the floors and dumping the extracted heat onto my landscaping with sprinklers.

I enjoy sharing the fruits of my personal investigations and get great satisfaction out of confronting a topic that I don't understand, marching into what is sometimes a foggy mass of disorganized and perplexing information, sorting it out and discovering its structure, and then sharing my vision of the forest for the trees with others.   I love to explain, both for the sheer pleasure of demonstrating how simple an otherwise complex concept can be, and for the challenge of meeting another person on their level and presenting the information in a manner that is understandable from their point of view.

I have authored and presented talks on topics ranging from the internals of microprocessors to assembly language programming to techniques of digital control.   I have taught students ranging from children (so far I've home schooled from kindergarten through 8th grade) to engineering students (upper division course in Applied Differential Equations) and professional engineers.

Providing writing services to the high tech world gives me the opportunity to investigate and learn new topics that interest me and pass that knowledge on to others. While writing corporate white papers on topics ranging from wireless technology to digital security, I also try to find time to write about my own investigations into engineering areas I find especially intriguing.

My Background