Jane Glasser -- Marketing Writing
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Business @ the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates

I served as head researcher and case study writer on Bill Gates' last book. I traveled to many of Microsoft's premier enterprise customers to interview the IT and business staffs on how they were using technology. I wrote lengthy stories, which were excerpted or run in full in the book and on the associated Web site.

"Another exciting aspect of a digital military is its ability to dramatically increase rates of learning. Instead of having to fight three wars and lose hundreds of planes and thousands of men to learn which procedures and tactics work, the Air Force can now examine the records of a few missions and learn the same kinds of lessons a lot sooner. In earlier air wars, including the Gulf War, debriefing was often inconclusive. Combatants in debriefing sessions tended to remember the action through only their narrow views of the situation, and their recollections were often blurred by the fog of battle. . ."